Couples Counselling Surrey

Therapy for couples is available to address a wide range of issues that emerge in relationships between partners. When lives, feelings, needs, responsibilities and patterns of interacting intertwine in a couple relationship many unique challenges emerge. Couples often enter therapy after a crisis or when substantial amount of time in conflict, distance or unhappiness has occurred. Other couples may enter therapy to strengthen already strong connections and build further skills, or to deal with a specific challenge or decision. Couples counselling can allow for a supportive environment in which patterns of interaction and communication can be addressed while also focusing on underlying needs, expectations, perceptions and feelings. Couples therapy can allow for couples to regain a sense of understanding and closeness when unhealthy patterns of frustration and resentment have occurred over time. Couples have the opportunity to move through difficult aspects of their relationship dynamic and to explore greater satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment in their relationship and within themselves.

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Alison will speak to you directly to discuss your areas of concern and determine how she may be best able to assist you. Finding the right therapist to support you is essential and Alison will be very happy to speak with you at any time to discuss your circumstance and hopes for the counselling or psychotherapy process.

Please feel free to refer yourself or a family member directly. Outside agencies or individuals may also refer to the practice.

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