Counselling Specializations

Helping Families, Adolescents, and Children in the Surrey area

With a focus on family counselling, Alison has gathered a strong and unique set of skills and experiences with various clinical specializations. As a Surrey family therapist, Alison offers therapeutic services and relationship counselling for individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents.  Alison Bell and Associates works with clients living in South Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Delta, Surrey and the Greater Vancouver, BC area.

Please refer to the individual links listed below for more comprehensive information regarding Alison Bell's counselling specialties. Clinical specializations include, but are not limited to:

Eating Disorders and Emotional Eating

Many people struggle with and are impacted by eating disorders, issues related to emotional eating and unhealthy relationships with food, weight, body image or sense of self. Specialized individual treatment, early intervention for disordered eating and family support are available.  More »

Child Development and Behaviour

Like all people, children benefit from a caring and safe environment in which they can explore and understand their feelings and behaviours. Play therapy, parent counselling/consultation and relationship counselling for parents with their children is available.  More »

Adolescent Mental Health and Well-Being

Adolescence is a time of great developmental transition. Counselling is provided to help navigate the social, familial, emotional and developmental issues that typically emerge during adolescence. Psychotherapy is also provided for teens who may be experiencing mental health issues. Parent and adolescent relationship counselling is also available.  More »

Separation and Divorce

During a separation and divorce all family members are impacted. It is a time of great change and emotional reactivity. Specialized clinical services are provided to minimize the negative effects of the separation and divorce on all family members and to increase coping and communication skills.  More »

Mental Health and Well-Being

People struggle with many issues related to sense of well-being and it is common for challenges with mental health issues and coping to emerge. Alison has a broad range of clinical skills and experience providing psychotherapy to individuals who may benefit from developing coping skills and insight related to their mental health and well-being.  More »


Although arguably hard to define, giftedness brings with it a unique way of experiencing self and the external world. Gifted individuals and their loved ones benefit from specialized and specific clinical support that understands and builds on the unique qualities and strengths of gifted individuals.   More »

Highly Sensitive Individuals

A highly sensitive person experiences themselves, their body, and the emotions and relationships around them with the “volume turned up”. Many exceptional experiences emerge as well as many unique challenges. Highly sensitive individuals and those who love them often benefit from increased awareness of how the sensitivity is impacting them and to develop skills to maximize the positive aspects of high sensitivity.   More »

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