Family Therapy Surrey

The diversity and complexity of families requires specialized knowledge, experience and skills to address family dynamics, patterns and systemic issues. Sessions are available to address to address all family issues and relationships, communication patterns and interaction between family members. Families are often prompted to attend counselling and therapy when significant changes, stressors or relationship patterns are causing distress in the family system. Often families find that ongoing support through different phases of relationship and family can also be beneficial and can strengthen family relationships and functioning.

Families are complex, and defining family issues and the most effective therapeutic approach can also be complex. Depending on the particular issues presented by family members, and their ages and relationships, family members will meet together for some or all of the sessions. In other cases, sessions may also be conducted with different parts of the family unit. Collaborative goals and focus of the systemic issues and strengths of the family will be emphasized.

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Please feel free to refer yourself or a family member directly. Outside agencies or individuals may also refer to the practice.

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