Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

When couples reach out to us they’re often in a place of significant distress, disconnection, and dissatisfaction in their relationships, and are trying to negotiate and navigate their individual and relationship needs. Intense emotions, challenging communication patterns, unmet needs, and reactivity towards each other are often present when couples reach out for support.

Couples require a clearly guided process to allow them to understand themselves in the relationship, as well as the impact each partner is having on the other. When needs are consistently unmet, connection and communication suffer, and couples move further away from each other.

Emotionally focused couple’s therapy is based on the science of attachment in romantic relationships. It is the most successful and supported approach to couple’s therapy and acknowledges the importance of deep emotional connection and attunement in relationships.

All of our couple’s therapists have extensive training in emotionally focused couple’s therapy. Couples are often highly distressed and aware that there is much at stake when their relationships deteriorate. We understand the importance of a highly effective and supportive couples process, and emotionally focused therapy allows couples to regain a greater sense of connection, improved communication, and higher satisfaction in their partnership.

We are pleased to offer the hold me tight workshop for couples. The model was developed based on emotionally focused couple’s therapy research and theory.

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