Benefits of Online Counselling

With so much going on in the world around us, it is helpful to have a place to feel supported. For many people, that means visiting with a counsellor and talking in their office. But with coronavirus and physical distancing guidelines bringing changes to the way we traditionally do things, many are looking for other options.

People have been taking advantage of online counselling since long before covid-19 became a thing. That’s because online counselling offers many practical benefits. Convenience, accessibility and anonymity are some of the most popular reasons people prefer to reach out through online video and text chat.


Remoteness. Living remotely means there may not be many, or even any, counsellors available to talk to. Or the community may be small enough that the counsellor knows everyone there, raising issues of conflicts of interest, awkwardness or embarrassment. Online counselling increases the resource pool of people available.

Physical obstacles. For those with limited mobility, sight or hearing issues, mental health conditions like agoraphobia or social anxiety, being able to reach a counsellor online may make all the difference in being able to access help.

Convenience and comfort

Appointments for online or phone counselling are more easily accessed as sessions are done from the convenience of your own home. No fighting traffic, hiring babysitters or using large chunks of time for commuting to and from the clinic. The ability to schedule sessions is generally more varied and open, making online video or phone counselling ideal for people with hectic schedules.


The ability to discuss things online, through video or text can be a relief for those uncomfortable in the physical presence of others. Discussing issues through text can be less inhibiting, and grants more time to consider ideas and responses. No one will see you go to a clinic so any stigma around getting help for mental health is reduced or eliminated.

Alison Bell & Associates Counselling Group offers several ways to connect with you through online counselling. Please contact our office to discuss what will work best for you.

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