What to Expect from Couples Counselling

June 24th, 2019 | in Couples Therapy

Couples counselling can be an important part of keeping a relationship healthy, or even in helping it last. Having differences, arguments or fights is a normal part of any relationship, but when these are frequent, or on-going, outside help may be necessary to navigate these issues. If you have been considering relationship counselling in Surrey, here are some things that you should expect:

-        Hearing the other perspective

-        Using “I” statements

-        Reflecting on previous experiences

Hearing the other perspective

Every story has two sides, and sometimes it can be difficult to recognize and understand the other perspective. One of the goals of couples counselling is to hear and view your partner’s perspective. By putting yourself in his or her shoes, you are more likely to be empathetic to his or her side, and more understanding can help lead to healing.

Using “I” Statements

Your counsellor may ask you to phrase your thoughts and concerns using “I” statements. This method helps communicate by focusing on feelings and beliefs, rather than thoughts and judgements. By using statements such as “I feel ignored when you do not listen to me” rather then “You never listen” helps to keep blame from being placed on each other, and instead gives participants a safe space to express their own thoughts and feelings.

Reflecting on Previous Experiences

You may also be asked to reflect upon previous experiences while at relationship counselling. Many behaviours, fears or worries can be a result of previous traumatic experiences. In many cases we may not even be aware that this experience is causing issues or stress in our present lives. By talking about and unraveling previous experiences, it will not only help understand ourselves better, but also understand our partner.

Reaching out for couples counselling is not a sign of weakness, but a show of strength, commitment and resolve. If your relationship is suffering, knowing what to expect from relationship counselling in Surrey may help to give you the nudge to get the help that it deserves. It is well worth it.  

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