What's a Counselling Workshop and What Makes Them Beneficial?

June 27th, 2017 | in Group Counselling & Workshops

A counselling workshop typically refers to a counselling session in which a group comes together to discuss and explore a particular topic which effects them all. Group counselling, though it may seem intimidating at first, can prove to be a very valuable experience. By coming together as a group, a safe environment is created while also providing a reflection of the “real world”.

Counselling workshops may come as a variety of different types, including single or multiple-session; and on a multitude of different topics such as life-skills, academics, therapy groups, or support workshops.

By coming together as a group and sharing things we have in common, we can gain resources for coping and learn new skills. Being in a group environment can help us to better understand our own actions and feelings as we can see them reflected in other people. Being in a group can prove beneficial as the members can share, explore, learn and try out new ideas together.

For some, it may be as simple as learning to speak in front of a crowd. The workshop counselling environment can provide encouragement and help in overcoming that fear, giving the speaker a boost in self-confidence.  It is very common in group workshops for people to meet others who share similar struggles as themselves, and it can be beneficial to learn that you are not the only person dealing with a particular issue.

A workshop allows the group to develop trust, and grow together – ensuring no one is uncomfortable. Because of the unique dynamics of a counselling workshop, they can prove to be very beneficial for everyone within the group.

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