What Role do Group Workshops Play in Relationship Counselling?

For those seeking relationship counselling, group therapy can offer a unique and powerful option to work through issues. Group therapy workshops offer a safe and non-judgemental setting in which participants can explore personal issues with other couples who may be experiencing the same or similar struggles. Working as a group can offer unique insights to each individual issue.

What to Expect

When approaching your first group therapy workshop as a couple, expect that the therapist will be on hand to facilitate an open group discussion, including sharing and learning from one another. Specialized activities, as well as worksheets and assignments may also be used in the workshop session.

Benefits of Group Therapy for Relationships

Some people may first find group therapy to be intimidating – especially when it comes time to share openly your feelings and thoughts in front of others. Group therapy helps to shift your focus onto realizing that you’re not alone, and helping you to connect and relate to others. A group setting allows feedback, empathy, support, and better communication to happen in your therapy.

Not only does group therapy offer support and understanding from the therapist, it also offers support and understanding from the group as a whole. This can help participants to learn to communicate better, and work through their relationship problems with a support group behind them.

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