The World Of Disordered Eating

November 5th, 2013 | in Eating Disorder Therapy

The world of disordered eating and eating disorder treatments is something that's very important to my work. Eating disorders, disordered eating, body image issues and emotional eating are all areas that we focus quite a lot on in the practice.

Therapy for eating disorders is a specialized field that requires a lot of specialized training, knowledge and experience. I enjoy when I have the good fortune to move into a space therapeutically with a client who's been struggling, usually for quite a significant amount of time with their feelings about themselves, eating patterns or body image distortion. When people present to treatment, usually their eating disorder spent a great deal of time taking charge of their life. I think it's important to understand that the eating and the body image issues are not the problem. The eating disorder is the problem.

A lot of understanding is needed to address the underlying triggers and the cognitive, emotional and psychological factors that contribute to the eating disorder taking such a hold in someone's life. The eating disorder is the problem. The client is not the problem. The person is not the problem. They have established a way to cope.

The goal is to help clients to find other ways to cope while changing their perspective on their eating, their feelings about themselves and how that has allowed them to cope in ways that maybe are no longer working for them or no longer healthy for them. We want them to get a greater sense of peace inside their bodies, peace inside their life to move forward in a way that they no longer live to eat but they eat to live.

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