How do you know if it's time for couples counselling?

August 18th, 2021 | in Couples Therapy

Couples counselling therapists in Surrey know that every relationship has its ups and downs. Meeting challenges and resolving conflicts is a process in which all couples engage. Whether the problems are big or small, partners pull through and come out stronger together. Except when they don’t.

Ongoing issues may be a sign that the problem is deeper. There may have been a breakdown in communication that has gotten worse with time and now seems the norm. Can a couple still see their way through? Or is it time to get professional help? How do you know if it’s time for couples counselling?

Here are a few signs that a couple’s current efforts are no longer working and couples therapy is the next best step for their relationship.

Feeling disinterested, unsympathetic, uncaring, or detached. If one, or both partners are feeling this way they may no longer be receptive to each other's input.

Negative communication. Constant arguments, criticism, and sarcasm can cause partners to always be on the defensive, or hyper-sensitive to anything the other person says. One or both may just stop trying.

Lying or keeping secrets. This is a sign that trust has been broken and a partner no longer feels they can share details about their activities with the other. They may not be getting what they need and are seeking it elsewhere.

No intimacy or little time spent together. Not wanting to spend time or share closeness with a partner is a red flag that needs to be taken seriously and dealt with before irreparable damage to the relationship is done.

Whatever the cause, research shows that the sooner help is sought, the better the outcomes. When a couple is overwhelmed in their ability to see through problems themselves, calling in extra help and support in the form of couples therapy, helps couples work through their issues and return to a satisfying, loving relationship. 

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