Challenges of Cross-Generational Counselling

October 27th, 2019 | in Family Counselling

There have always been differences in each generation. Very few children grew up listening to the same music, or wearing the same clothing as their parents. How many times has someone from an older generation shook their head and said “I do not understand this new generation”. Fads, beliefs and tastes are always changing, and there is always a generational divide.

This generational divide can create challenges should the need for cross-generational counselling arise. A family counsellor in Surrey BC can face many challenges when trying to help family members across multiple generations heal or see eye-to-eye. Some of the more common challenges include:

-          Different Values - What one person values may not be the same as another. Often, values between generations can also shift, and what a previous generation valued may not be the same as a younger generation. For example, while one generation might value efficiency, commitment and a strong work-ethic, a younger generation may place more emphasis on open-mindedness and honesty. These differing values can make it challenging for family members to see each others point of view during cross-generational counselling.

-          Differing View On Perspective - Another cross-generational challenge is failure to recognize that a family member from another generation may not have the same perspective on what is important as another family member. This is especially important when it is difficult for someone to see and understand the perspective of another person. Fortunately, perspective-seeking is a skill that can be worked on, and developing it can help to better understand another point-of-view.

Cross-generation counselling can be full of challenges, especially when viewpoints and beliefs do not line up. Alison Bell can provide family counselling, in addition to relationship counselling in Surrey. If you and your loved ones need a helping hand, give Alison Bell a call today.

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