Alison Bell MA, RCC

Surrey Counsellor and Family Therapist

I have been providing counselling and psychotherapy services for over 15 years and I have worked in private practice in the South Surrey, White Rock and surrounding areas since 2006. I have a graduate degree from the University of British Columbia and many additional specialized training qualifications. I am a registered member in good standing with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and am also a member of several professional therapy and counselling associations. I engage in a process of ongoing professional development and training while collaborating with other professionals to ensure my skills and practice are current, effective and client-centered.

With many years of experience as an individual, group and family therapist in community and mental health settings with children, adolescents and adults, I have gathered a unique set of skills, experiences and clinical expertise. Many of my professional and training experiences have prepared me to work with issues and clients that other therapists may be unfamiliar or inexperienced with. Prior to my graduate training I had several professional opportunities to support and advocate for individuals and children who were at risk, in crisis, or were without resources to meet their emotional, physical or safety needs. I have also been privileged with the opportunity to mentor, train and supervise several other helping professionals and therapists.

I have experience and training with a variety of diverse therapeutic approaches and believe that it is essential to tailor interventions and approaches uniquely to each client’s needs. I also believe that people are the most qualified experts on their own lives and experience, but that at times they can benefit from an objective, skilled and compassionate guide. Collaborating with clients to identify their therapeutic and personal goals while identifying their strengths and coping skills is essential to empowering clients to make change.

I have advanced training in many areas of counselling and mental health and have most recently have added Emotionally Focused Couples and Family Therapy to my skill set. I am pleased to offer the opportunity for all therapists in the clinic to experience collaborative practice, while working closely together and I maintain a high level of involvement and supervision with all our clients.

My extensive counselling experience has prepared me to engage at a deep level and to support most areas of mental health, well-being, coping and relationship dynamics. Please refer to the “ specialization” and “who we help” sections to explore further some of the most common areas of clinical focus.

I am an intuitive, caring, authentic, down to earth and curious person by nature. I am pleased to be able to connect with others in a meaningful way and have spent much of my life finding opportunities to do so. I pride myself on my strong sense of integrity and commitment to a high level of professional competence embedded in a very human connection. I always feel honoured and experience a deep sense of care and responsibility when a client gives trust and allows me to enter their world. Whether the client is a child, adolescent or adult, each person needs to be met where they are and respected and supported in an authentic way.

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