In Home Parenting Support

We are keenly aware that working through parenting and family challenges are complicated and bring up many feelings and dynamics that families get stuck in. Behaviours, emotions and reactions can be very different in the office versus the home environment in which they occur. In some instances working with family right in the moment, in the midst of the dynamics at home can be more helpful.  It can also be a way to take skills and learning from regular sessions into the daily lives of families.

Therapists are able to observe behavior and interactions and to provide recommendations in the moment.

In Home Parenting Support can assist with areas such as:

  • Strong emotional reactions and “meltdowns”
  • Sibling dynamics
  • Power struggles
  • School refusal
  • Oppositional behavior
  • Management of anxiety symptoms and desensitization
  • Family based meal support
  • Bedtime refusal Communication skills
  • Connecting with a reluctant family member
  • Toileting power struggles or regression

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