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This tone-day intensive Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) workshop is an incredible opportunity for parents and caregivers of children struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, substance use, eating disorders, self harming, and grief. Even if your child is simply experiencing “big feelings” and emotions, this workshop is designed to equip parents and caregivers with the tools to respond to emotions in their loved one in a supportive and effective way.

Different from other mainstream parenting models, EFFT is rooted in a deep belief of the healing power of families. Parents will feel more empowered when met with tough parenting situations at home, using practical skills and techniques to respond to their child. They will also be supported to identify, work through, and overcome many obstacles than can surface through the journey of parenting.

Who should attend? Caregivers, Family Members, Spouses, Parents of Children, Adolescents, and Adult Children, and other Supporting Individuals.

Participants will leave with skills to:

  • Facilitate family based support
  • Emotionally and behaviorally support their loved one
  • Process and overcome their fears and reactions
  • Repair patterns and triggers that may get in the way of effective support
  • Believe in their ability to care for and support their loved one 
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