Elizabeth Stevens, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Elizabeth brings a wealth of experience in private practice and community counselling to her work at Alison Bell and Associates Counselling Group. Elizabeth is kind, compassionate, down-to-earth and has an exceptional ability to understand and connect with her clients. Elizabeth has a Master’s Degree is Counselling and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. She has over 20 years experience working with families and children. Elizabeth provides counselling to clients of all ages and is particularly skilled at creating a safe and open place for children, teens and their families to gain the skills and relationship strength to move through challenges and to thrive in their school, peer and home environments.

Elizabeth’s therapeutic skills are informed by client centered, cognitive behavioral, and mindfulness theory, with a keen awareness of the environment and systems that individuals are part of. Elizabeth’s counselling philosophy is based on attachment theory and an awareness of the importance of connection and care between family members to facilitate optimal communication and understanding of behavior and dynamics. All behavior has meaning and with greater understanding of attachment and relationship variables the behaviors can often be more fully understood, and change can occur.

Her therapeutic skills have been honed over many years in the field while running her own private practice and working as a school and community counsellor. Elizabeth has spent a good majority of her career working with young women, adolescents, children and families. She has amazing energy and ability connect in a way that provides the comfort, connection and safety allowing deep therapeutic work. Elizabeth is commitment to ongoing training and keeping her skills current and relevant. She has developed her skills with child centered and play therapy and is delighted to work with her little clients…the feeling is always mutual.

Elizabeth specializes in all areas of mental health and well being with children, teens and families has had great success in supporting clients with identity development, parenting issues, parent-child relationship strengthening, divorce and separation, anxiety, depression, self-harming, trauma and disordered eating. She is pleased to be accepting new clients at the practice.

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