Will couples counselling save my marriage?

June 17th, 2021 | in Couples Therapy

Sometimes problems arise in a relationship that continue for a long time or get worse despite a couple's efforts to address them. Concerned friends, family and the couple themselves might worry if the marriage itself is at risk. Will the breakdown in communication lead to a breakdown of the entire relationship? At times like these thoughts turn to counselling. But before taking the plunge people want to know if it works. Will it help? This month’s blog addresses this question, often asked of marriage counsellors.


Will couples counselling save my marriage?


Whether it’s one or both partners coming to couples counselling in Surrey, it’s usually at a time when tensions and conflict have built to a crisis. When people live in an unhappy state for a long period of time, unhealthy habits and patterns of interacting form. Either partner may feel they’re not being heard or understood. They may feel they’re being treated unfairly. This is a good time to seek therapy and guidance.

Counselling sessions provide a supportive, neutral environment to help a couple to focus on healthy communication. From there they are able to address underlying issues at the root of their conflicts. They can unlearn harmful patterns. By coming to understand the needs, feelings and responsibilities of each partner, couples can return to the closeness and happiness they once shared.

Marriage counsellors help couples figure out the inner workings of their relationship dynamic. With greater understanding and healthier ways of connecting, couples can move forward again, to explore greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their relationship and within themselves.

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