Preparation ideas for online counselling

April 19th, 2021 | in Counselling Information

Online counselling is a convenient and effective way to connect people looking for professional mental health guidance with online counsellors and therapists. 

Traditionally, counselling has been offered through office visits, where the counsellor and client meet face-to-face in a private setting. With online counselling, visits are arranged over the internet, with video and audio capabilities. This type of set-up will be new for some, so here are a few ideas to help people prepare for a “teletherapy” session.

  • Test camera and microphone settings beforehand: this ensures you can devote all your time to things you wish to discuss, rather than getting your video or sound working.

  • Find a private space: this could be any room in your house or garage, your car, a room you can book at your local library, etc. Just make sure you have a steady Wi-Fi connection.

  • Minimize distractions: use headphones, a white noise machine, close tabs/applications that might interrupt you, let family know you’re on an important call, take care of pets’ needs. 

  • Reliable connection: ensure you have a fully charged battery and a reliable internet connection. Have your phone handy just in case you lose connectivity, so you can continue your session.

  • Make yourself comfortable: Use a blanket if you like, put your display at good height, have a glass of water,  tissues, etc. nearby.

  • Write down things you want to discuss: this will make the most of your time with your counsellor.

  • Pen/paper: so you can make notes to refer to after your session is done.

Over the past year as we dealt with the pandemic, being able to continue therapy sessions, or start new ones, has been very helpful to many people. We hope these ideas help everyone looking to connect with an online counsellor.

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