Online Counselling to Help Deal with COVID-19 Crisis Anxiety


As we navigate our way through the coronavirus crisis we may feel uncertain about the future and fearful of what might happen. It’s normal for people of all walks and ages to feel anxious during times of change. Prevention measures, meant to minimize the spread of COVID-19, has caused communities to close schools, workplaces, churches and cancel events. We are practicing physical distancing and self-isolation. These measures help protect our physical health but may be raising additional challenges for our mental health.

Some are finding they’re cut off from their traditional support networks and services. Others are feeling they need a little more help to cope with the stress. Finding ways to connect that maintain physical distance means picking up the phone, or going online. Fortunately, both the BC government and many anxiety counsellors are prepared to help people this way.

The government has created a webpage to help people manage stress and anxiety caused by the coronavirus. It includes informative links to fact-based information, as well as ways to deal with feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression. There are tips for talking to children, practicing self-care, and knowing when to seek additional help. The names and contact information of several organizations ready to help, are included.

Here at Alison Bell & Associates Counseling Group, we have always recognized that you may not be able to visit our office in-person for various reasons. We set up online video counselling and phone counselling so you wouldn’t be left without the help you need. 

Some of the counselling services we provide online or by phone

  • Individual or couples counselling

  • Family, adolescent, or child counselling

  • Parent Child Relationship Therapy

  • Eating disorder therapy

  • Play therapy

 Caring, compassionate and skilled help is available to our current clients, and to new clients. We have several ways to conduct your online counselling appointment.  Please contact our office to arrange an appointment in a setting that is right for you.

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