How to Select a Family Counsellor

February 27th, 2018 | in Family Counselling

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It may be easy to find a counsellor for your family, but how would you know if they are the perfect fit for your family? Luckily, there are a number of questions you can ask to help you make that decision and find the perfect counsellor for you and your family.

Do you feel comfortable when you sit in with the counsellor? It should be relatively easy to make small talk, and the person should feel down-to-earth and comfortable to be around. If the counsellor seems too far removed or arrogant, it may be time to meet someone else. If the counsellor does not feel like a good fit for you, that’s okay! It is worth mentioning, though, that it is important to evaluate whether or not you may be experiencing anxiety when seeing any counsellor – if you find yourself reacting negatively to every counsellor you visit, you may benefit from sticking with one to work through your fears.

What is the counsellor’s general approach to helping? Are they compassionate and optimistic? Ask the counsellor to come up with a plan for how they will be able to help you – an experienced counsellor should be able to give you an approach outline for how they will help you to overcome your troubles. Does your counsellor readily accept feedback and admit mistakes? A healthy counsellor is open to feedback and learning, to better serve his or her clients.

Does the counsellor have experience with helping others who have gone through the same issue for which you are seeking help? The more experience a counsellor has in one particular area, the more likely they will be able to assist you smoothly through your therapy.

Additionally, your perfect counsellor should be licensed, and should have strict policies regarding boundaries, relationships, and confidentiality. Ethical guidelines are in place to keep counsellors from potentially harming their clients, and these should be followed strictly.

Not every counsellor will be perfectly suited to yourself and your family, but with these questions in mind you should be well on your way to finding a suitable family counsellor for you.

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