How digital technology has changed family relations

August 20th, 2020 | in Family Counselling


It used to be the whole family gathered around the radio. Then it became the TV. Now, everyone has access to their own devices and they are no longer constrained to a single time or place. When we look at the impact this has on family relations, there are pros and cons. Media is full of articles supporting the arguments on either side. Does it benefit, or does it hinder?

The answer is, of course, both. There’s no doubt it affects how families socialize, and thus impacts their relationships. On the one hand, it can foster closeness through shared activity. Family members also feel more secure knowing where the others are. On the other hand, conflicts regarding the Internet, social media, and screen-time, etc. create negative consequences that strain family relationships, whether they’re between spouses, parents and children, or siblings.

Surrey family counsellors have been helping parents, children, and spouses navigate their way through the issues created by digital technology for many years. Stressors or relationship patterns that have been causing distress in the family unit can be addressed through family counselling sessions. Collaborative goals and focus of the systemic issues and strengths of the family are emphasized.

Relationship counselling in Surrey allows for a supportive environment in which patterns of interaction and communication can be addressed while also focusing on underlying needs, expectations, perceptions and feelings. They can regain a sense of understanding and closeness when unhealthy patterns of frustration and resentment have occurred over time.

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