How COVID-19 has challenged family dynamics

October 13th, 2021 | in Family Counselling

COVID-19 has had, and continues to have an impact on families. They’ve had to adjust the way they live, work, play, and socialize. This can be pretty hard to deal with. 

These kinds of changes cause a lot of stress, particularly when people live in close proximity to one another, as they do in families. While some individuals are better able to cope, others find it more difficult and struggle. When one or more members of a family is struggling, the impact is felt by all members.

Since family members rely on each other for support, physically, emotionally and financially, family dynamics become strained when these support structures are subject to stress. For instance, the loss of a job leads to financial worry which might then be expressed as emotional or physical abuse. It may lead to an addiction as one struggles to cope. Withdrawal of affection, guidance, or physical presence is another common--and concerning--coping strategy.

Speaking with a family counsellor at any stage during trying times like these, helps ease or alleviate challenges to family support systems. Collaborative goals, as well as focus on the systemic issues and unique family strengths, are emphasized. Because families are complex, defining family issues and the most effective therapeutic approach, can also be complex. Therefore a family therapist will use specialized knowledge, experience and skills to address family dynamics, patterns and ongoing issues.

Family therapy in Surrey is helping families navigate the challenges to family dynamics caused by COVID-19. Compassionate support for each relationship within the family unit not only benefits each family member, but strengthens bonds and overall functioning of the family as a whole. This makes room for happier, healthier interactions enjoyed by all members.

Finding the right therapist to support you is essential and Alison will be very happy to speak with you at any time. Contact Alison Bell, Surrey BC Family Counsellor, to discuss your circumstance and hopes for family counselling.

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