Challenges of couples counselling

February 20th, 2020 | in Couples Therapy


When two loving people come together to share their lives, they each bring with them unique ways of feeling, communicating, understanding and perceiving. These differences can increase the challenge of navigating through life, particularly in rougher times, such as when experiencing loss, stress, hardship or change.

Sometimes a couple will seek out counseling to strengthen and build on their healthy connections and skills, or to deal with a specific challenge. But many times couples enter therapy with their relationship already in crisis, after suffering unhappiness and conflict over a long period of time.

The sooner the breakdown of interaction between a couple is recognized, the sooner it can be addressed. Focusing on patterns of behaviour, feelings, perceptions, and expectations in a supportive environment can allow a couple to regain the bond and sense of closeness they used to share.

Challenges of couples counselling

Learning to communicate--This one is so important because without this skill your efforts may not be heard or understood. Learning how to speak and listen to your partner is a vital part of effective communication.

Wishing the other would change--It can be easier to see or assign fault to your partner but be blind to your own role within the interaction. It’s important to recognize and understand the effect each role has on the situation.

Disagreements--It’s natural to have different ideas, values and traditions. Couples counselling helps partners work their way through disagreements without sacrificing their relationship.

Life challenges--Experiencing the death of someone close, financial hardship or the stress of big changes like jobs, new babies or living arrangements, etc., can take a toll on a couple’s relationship. Counselling provides an opportunity for couples to move through difficult aspects of their relationship.

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