3 Ways to Decrease Morning Anxiety

Starting your day off with anxiety can be a surefire way to start off the day on the wrong foot. Starting the day on a negative note tends to mean that most of the day will be more stressful than is necessary. On some days, the anxiety may fade as the day goes on, but on other days the anxiety may persist right up until bed time. This can be very exhausting. It can be helpful to determine what is causing you to wake up with anxiety, this way you can help yourself start the day with a better outlook.

Some things that may be causing morning time anxiety include:

  • Bad Sleep
  • Diet/Caffeine Consumption
  • Association
  • Negative Morning Routines or Experiences

To attempt to start your day out on the right foot, there are some simple ways to help decrease the prevalence of morning time anxiety. Some of these methods include:

Positivity and Affirmations

Simply trying to look positively toward your day can be beneficial at alleviating stress. Some people find that leaving themselves positive notes around the home, or reciting positive phrases of affirmation can help them avoid their anxiety.

Going out and Having Fun

If your schedule or work is causing you stress, make a point to get out there and have some fun. It is okay to put aside your household chores and responsibilities to let yourself have a little fun once in a while. Going out to an event or activity you enjoy can relieve your stress, and provide positive social interactions.

Set Goals

Even tiny goals. Having goals to work towards, and hitting those goals can be a huge boost to your energy. Working towards your goals gives you a sense of purpose, which in turn can help you to forget about your stressors.

If you are waking up with anxiety, try one of the above methods to help alleviate your stress, and don’t forget to seek out further help if you need it.

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